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You are considering selecting me as your coach. I appreciate your interest, and look forward to starting our journey together. To that end, I have prepared the following material to help you understand how the coaching relationship works.

Coaching Factors
With A Coach (Me!) You Will...
How I Coach Clients





Coaching Factors
Coaching is proven to work when there are two factors present:

(1) The client is willing to grow, and

(2) There is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be.
That is all that is necessary for the coach and client to solve problems, create a new life, turn a business around, and/or design and implement a plan of action.


With a Coach (Me!) You Will...

Take More, Better and Smarter Actions: Because you set the goals you really want.
Ultimately, we do what we really want anyway. Finding out exactly what you really want for yourself is our first task together. I help you to distinguish between what you coulda, shoulda, oughta and have-to want, from what you, in your heart of hearts, really want for yourself. Once you create the ideal goal, you're much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach it.

Have a Balanced Life Which Works Well: Because you designed it "selfishly".
Having it ALL means starting with/creating a balanced life. That means it's time to become very, very selfish; not egotistical but SELFish. . I'll show you how to be selfish, yet responsible. And how to get your needs met and still have people like you. You'll love building your foundation because you know you're worth it.

Make and Keep More Money: You are worth more than you're making.
Money, money, money! You have to have it, and you have a lot more of it than you think. You know you can make (and keep) more money, so why don't you? I'll help you increase your income, pay off old bills, and help design a strategy for you to earn more from your professional efforts. (Yes, you CAN!)

Reach for More, Much More: And not be consumed in the process.
When anyone has a partner they trust, they will always reach for much more because they can afford to. That's what I am to you.

Make Better Decisions for Yourself: Because your focus is clear.
Every single client of mine is smart, but not always focused. I will help you become focused as you share ideas with me - someone who understands you, and is subjective enough to want a lot for you, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving.

Have a More sustainable Energy: No more starting and stopping.
When you're happy, productive and free from toleration and problems, you're going to feel better.


How I Coach Clients

Because each Professional Coach has his or her own style of coaching clients, I thought that you would be interested in knowing how I coach, what I expect of my clients and what my clients can expect of me.

My Clients are Great
I am blessed with the privilege of choosing you, my clients; I want and enjoy each one of you. You are all growing, successful and well, and I am assisting you to further your personal and professional lives.

I Expect Your Best
If you are hiring me, then you're probably ready to do and be your best. And if you aren't doing your best, I'll ask you to. If you can't do that at the moment, I'll understand and do what you need to be heard, loved and helped back on to your path.

I Make Direct Requests
From time to time, I'll make a direct request, like "Will you accomplish X by the end of the month? You may accept the request, counter-offer (like say what you can do) or decline (rare). I'll make you right whichever way you respond.

I Give Straight Advice
If I am sure of the situation, and you're open to it, I'll make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or "go-for" an opportunity. If I am not sure, I'll say so. Honesty is one of my values--I am straight and expect the same from you. Regardless, use the best of what I say and use your own judgment.

I Don't Step Over Much
When I hear a funny tone in your voice, or notice something amiss, I'll ask you about it. Often, it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something. However, I don't confront or push; I'll merely invite you to look at something.

I Give Lots of Homework
I usually ask that the client come up with two or three goals, actions or breakthroughs to have between one call and the next. If it is too much, say so. If you want more, just ask.

You are Expected To Use Me, Not Depend On Me
As your coach, I am a resource and presence for you to use to your best advantage; I have an almost unlimited amount of love, compassion, forgiveness and strength to give to your coaching. I can share many principles that will increase your success and add to the quality of your life. AND, I ask that my clients use me as this resource and friend that I am, but not to let themselves get into the position of needing me (or coaching) in a manner of dependency.

I Am Here
I want to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, are upset with something (even with me or the coaching), are just starting to realize something big, can't wait to share a breakthrough, call or e-mail me anytime.

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