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Who Am I (Who is CNS?)
What I've Done (Background & Experience)
What I'm Doing





Who Am I (Who Is CNS?)

  • I am Carol Newlin Searles, the "CNS" in CNS Coaching!
  • I am first and foremost a wife and mom.
  • I am a straight-forward person, solution oriented, detail oriented, and well organized.
  • I am a recovering perfectionist.
  • When not homeschooling my girls, I enjoy needlecrafts, paper crafts, and reading.
  • I am living my dream, and supporting all of this is my Christian faith.
  • I am unbelievably happy!


What I've Done (Experience & Background)

  • I earned my BS and MBA at Drexel University.
  • I have 19 years corporate business experience, which includes:
    • Four years coordinating company wide financial programs.
    • Five years managing and directing staffs responsible for business unit financial and strategic planning at a major insurance company.
    • Seven years as a sales person and sales manager:
      • Selling employee benefits to large and small companies.
      • Representing a consulting firm, selling their services to Fortune 500 companies looking to enhance their work/life offerings for employees.
    • I have also had my own software consulting practice.


What I'm Doing

In 1997 I decided to take control of my life, putting myself and my husband above career concerns. Working with a coach I was able to cut through all the mental clutter that was keeping me from thinking clearly and decisely.

From the work I did with my coach, I strengthened my marriage, quit smoking, adopted two darling babies, found my Christian faith, and worked with a therapist to get rid of the emotional baggage I had been carrying around.

At the beginning of 2000 I became committed to being a coach, choosing to return to a field where I have always enjoyed myself and added the greatest value in the workplace...helping others develop and grow.

And that's what I'm doing now.

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